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Our certified technicians utilize sophisticated equipment and techniques to conduct state-of-the-art audits that analyze a building’s performance. Based on the information they receive, they can present solutions that reduce energy usage, lower operating costs, and improve quality of life. See Efficiency Vermont for more information.

"Watching Sisler Buliders' energy crew audit my house was like watching a skilled doctor diagnose an illness.
—David Goodman
Waterbury Center, VT

Our Building Performance Institute-certified audits include:

Once the audit is completed we review our findings with you and present potential remediation options. We help you access available incentives and rebates, and at your request, will prepare an estimate for further remedial work to the extent that you are interested in pursuing additional savings and improvements.

Our Energy Audits document provides a more complete description of our energy audit process and pricing.

Efficiency Vermont's energy audit and retrofit page describes their program.

Building Performance Institute has more detailed information on energy audits and retrofits.

Read Home Energy Doctors Who Make House Calls, about one homeowner's experience with our energy audit and retrofit process.

The Our Team page has biographies of our energy division managers, which includes their certification details.