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Selecting the right team is as important as selecting the right materials for your home. We pride ourselves on finding the best people to work with us, and we want to help them reach their potential with a growth path within the company. Consequently, most of our staff have been with us for years. They have dedicated their lives to home building and woodworking, and bring a passion for design and construction to their work. In addition to a great work ethic, they enjoy people, and people enjoy them.


"The crew was always polite and respectful. They showed a huge heart with all of the details in the execution."

—Bill & Heather Maffie
Lincoln, Ma., & Stowe, Vt.



802-793-3744  Steve@SislerBuilders.com

Steve started Sisler Builders in 1983, after graduating from Union College with a degree in industrial economics. He got involved in construction during his teenage years, while working with his mother, who directed renovations of historic buildings in Ithaca, New York. Throughout his long career, Steve has always enjoyed being on the jobsite, engaged in every project. A natural innovator, he eagerly helps his clients see possibilities that might have been overlooked in the design process.

Steve is a skilled team leader. He is an avid ice-hockey player and has coached for 20 seasons, from youth hockey to college junior varsity teams. He feels that his time on the ice, as both a player and a coach, has enhanced his ability to build and motivate his team. Steve is proud of the project management team he has built over the years and the solid reputation that his company has earned.

Read an interview with Steve from the 2018 summer edition of the Stowe Guide & Magazine.

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Finance Manager

802-730-7012  Randy@SislerBuilders.com

Randy has an extensive background in the energy field, where he served as a program manager, regulator, lobbyist, and manager. His expertise extends into renewable energy, efficiency, and smart grid. Randy has an MBA and small business management experience.

Not just an office guy, Randy's personal building projects were still standing last time he checked. You may also see him on the ice, slopes, or stage in Stowe. Randy lives in Elmore with his wife and daughter.

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Office Manager

802-249-0823  Leslie@SislerBuilders.com

Leslie started as a part-time data entry specialist with Sisler Builders in 2005 and worked her way up to office manager. She says she enjoys working for the company because they are family oriented, generous to the community, and willing to accommodate employees’ family needs and scheduling. She and her husband live in Duxbury and have three children, all college age or older. In her free time she enjoys hiking, gardening, and spending time with my family and friends.

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Project Manager & Estimator

802-279-5082  Shawn@SislerBuilders.com

A person able to wear many hats, Shawn has expanded his construction knowledge, project management, and technical skills during his time at Sisler Builders. As a civil engineering graduate, he has a background in ACAD and can perform basic design work, is organized, and great at problem solving. After completing a higher education course in project management, Shawn went on to complete the necessary steps to achieve the Project Management Professional certification (PMP). He has taken on the role of estimating, scheduling, and overseeing project management software. He also manages many of the IT processes.

Shawn developed his interest in building while growing up around his grandfather's Duxbury sawmill. After felling trees and turning logs into lumber, he would construct elaborate treehouses with his brother. He spends a lot of time with his family and raising his daughter. Shawn enjoys fishing, skiing, golf, making maple syrup. A passion of Shawn's is playing and coaching ice hockey, which he has competed in and coached at a high level and has built up his leadership qualities.


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Business Manager

802-558-2176  Amelia@SislerBuilders.com

When Amelia joined Sisler Builders in 2022, she returned to her Vermont roots after years in the Boston area working in higher education. As a former director of Residence Life, Amelia created a close-knit team that embodied the values of transparency, relationship building, collaboration, and effective processes, all of which she was looking for her in next position, and has found at Sisler Builders. A lifelong learner, Amelia enjoys discovering the ins and outs of the home construction world and bringing her operational and team-building passions to the business manager role. When not at work, Amelia enjoys being outside in the woods with her dog Mac, traveling with loved ones, trying new recipes in the kitchen, and rooting for her alma mater, the Kansas Jayhawks.

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Project Manager

802-355-9676  Mason@SislerBuilders.com

A master at managing a complex construction project, Mason relies on a complete breath of construction experience that began as a mason tender at age 12. He has a degree in business administration and previously ran his own construction business. Extensive experience in woodworking, framing, and design enables Mason to deftly balance quality with efficiency. For many years he collaborated with Sisler Builders as a lead sub-contractor and decided to make the relationship more formal.

Mason was drawn to Stowe as a teenager to ski race, and he was a competitive racer for a decade. Later he switched to skiing on water, competing at a national level. Now Mason challenges himself by sparring in Brazilian Jujitsu, studying Russian, and enjoying time with family.

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Project Manager

802-585-6047  BKelley@SislerBuilders.com

Born and raised on the seacoast north of Boston, Bryan learned his carpentry skills in his family’s cabinet shop. After earning a marketing degree from the University of Vermont, Bryan returned home for the beginning of his construction career. Bryan finds custom home construction exciting and loves unique designs. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

An avid snowboarder, hiker, and kayaker, Vermont’s beauty and active lifestyle lured him back. Bryan now lives in Stowe with his wife Tara and son Finn.

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Project Manager

802-793-4450  Matt@SislerBuilders.com

When Matt was a teenager he knew he would be a builder, and in junior high he signed up for the vocational building trades program. He worked on two houses in the program and helped a friend build his new home after graduation. Then Matt headed off to the Nav, where he worked for three of his four years in a carpentry shop on board ship. After completing his four-year tour, he began working in construction, first in South Carolina and then back in his native state of Vermont, where he partnered with the friend he worked with before his Navy tour.

Prior to joining Sisler Builders, Matt was employed with Ben & Jerry’s in Waterbury, Vt., for 13 years. During that time he did carpentry, completed a plumbing apprenticeship, and acquired both his journeyman and masters licenses. He also taught classes for a plumber apprenticeship program.

With his experience in both plumbing and home building, Matt brings a valuable combination of skills to our team. He is also a well-versed gardener. Read about his gardening talents in our blog.

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Project Manager

802-272-6146  Luke@SislerBuilders.com

Luke has made the family business his career choice. Growing up, he spent many school vacations on-site. Now he feels that Sisler Builders’ greatest asset is the personnel his father has surrounded him with. He appreciates the warm relationships he has with the many employees who mentored him is his youth.

Luke has a physics degree from Hamilton College, with minors in math and history. He grew up locally, was an exchange student to Chile, and he graduated from St. Paul’s prep school before going off to college. A natural leader and talented athlete, Luke was the captain of many high-level sports teams. Early in his career, he worked for comparable construction companies in Jackson, WY. He rounded out his time away ski touring and playing semi-pro hockey. Read about an entertaining hockey game Luke helped facilitate. Slugs vs Moose is an interesting read in our newsletter, The Craftsmen.

Since custom home construction is the translation of ideas to reality, Luke’s passion is optimizing this transition with effective teamwork, concise communication, and early problem identification. This leads to workable decisions that result in efficient building processes that maximizes quality and customer satisfaction.

Now a resident of Waterbury, Luke loves to ski, paddleboard, play hockey, coach youth lacrosse and hockey, and sculpture clay.

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Project Manager

802-522-2995  Nate@SislerBuilders.com

Nate Lewis grew up learning about carpentry. His father taught him the basics, and by the time he was a teenager his dad got him a summer job working for a construction company. He worked for that company from high school through college.

Nate attended the University of New Hampshire and earned a BS in environmental science, where he learned about the power of observation, a skill he still uses. For awhile he focused on sustainable agriculture and ran a small farm. When it was time for an energy audit of his own home, he contacted Sisler Builders, who sent their expert, Mike D’Muhala, to do the audit. That experience provided Nate with the opportunity to learn more about Sisler Builders. At the time he was working for himself and slow winters prompted him to contact Steve Sisler about a job. Nate started as a general carpenter and worked his way up to site supervisor. Now, in addition to carpentry, he also handles project management.

“I like having my hands busy, not just on a keyboard,” Nate says. “I like the diversity. Every day is different. I also like working with my hands, being outside while working, and the physical exercise.” In his spare time he enjoys everything skiing: downhill, cross-country, backcountry, and now he’s trying skate skiing. Nate, his wife, and their two young children live in Waterbury Center.

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Site Supervisor

802-585-4836  ChrisB@sislerbuilders.com

Chris has been in the construction business since 1993. A third-generation builder, he grew up in Morrisville and learned the trade from his father and grandfather. Prior to joining Sisler Builders he was a job site supervisor for a company that built small-to-medium-sized homes. Chris wanted to experience the challenge of building larger, more complicated houses, and to learn construction trade computer software. Those desires to expand his knowledge led him to Sisler Builders. He has been the job supervisor at an over 7,000-square-foot project at Spruce Peak since joining the team, so he is definitely meeting his personal goals!

Chris lives with his partner in Morrisville, and in his spare time enjoys motorcycles, four-wheeling, most outdoor activities, and creating woodworking projects for his own home.

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Site Supervisor

802-498-3809  Erik@SislerBuilders.com

Since Erik was a toddler he wanted to be a carpenter. Work to him is like a vacation, his “get-away.” He enjoys the variety of carpentry, working outdoors, and the visual sense of accomplishment. With contentment comes mastery. Erik is capable, experienced, dedicated, unflappable, and the most likeable guy you could imagine.

A native Vermonter, Erik has lived in Lake Elmore almost his whole life. He spends his spare time fishing, camping, and nurturing his adorable daughter and son.

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Site Supervisor

802-922-1706   Justin@SislerBuilders.com

Justin grew up in Milton, where his dad owned a plumbing business. He starting working with his father at age 10, and quickly realized that he never wanted to do that kind of work. He liked the trades and enjoys being outside, and when he graduated from high school he took a job as a carpenter and stayed with it. He started working for Sisler Builders in 2011 and worked his way up to site supervisor, where he not only is part of the crew, but also handles ordering materials and supplies, keeps the crew informed and on task, communicates with the owner and architect, uses his computer skills for various construction software programs, and answers about 200 questions a day.

Justin lives in Starksboro with his wife, an attorney, and their two young kids. His hobbies used to be snowboarding and dirt biking. Now they are taking his kids to sporting events and dirt biking with them.

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Site Supervisor

802-922-2716  Blake@SislerBuilders.com

Blake grew up in South Burlington and attended Lehigh University, where he earned a degree in finance. For a few years he worked in mutual funds and became an Excel guru. But a desk job didn’t suit him, so he returned to Vermont in 2013 to work with his hands. After stints with builders in Hinesburg and in Morrisville, Blake was hired by Sisler Builders in 2020 and quickly promoted to site supervisor. Blake lives with his wife and their two young sons in Waterbury Center, in a 1,500 square foot house that they built together in 2017, with the help of Blake’s father-in-law, a Boston cabinet maker. In his spare time Blake enjoys skiing, hiking, being with family, and growing as much food as he can in his large garden.

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Maintenance Supervisor

802-498-5377  ScottL@SislerBuilders.com

Scott grew up around the construction trades. His father was a floor installer and finisher and Scott often spent time with him on the job site. Later Scott worked in sawmills, as a welder, and with mechanicals. He joined Sisler Builders in 2005 as a general carpenter. As maintenance supervisor he keeps an eye on a few of the homes the company built. A self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades, Scott advises homeowners on small projects and repairs and helps them find the appropriate technicians. He lives in Eden with his wife, two kids, and three dogs, and enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.

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Finish Foreman

802-279-4510  Noi@SislerBuilders.com

Noi Jones grew up in Hyde Park and started in the construction industry at age 14, doing pipe work with his father. He attended Green Mountain Technology & Career Center for machine trades, expecting to be a machinist, but it didn’t take long to realize the work was uninspiring. He wanted to be outside more, so he switched to carpentry. Sisler Builders hired him in 1999, and he worked his way up to finish foreman, where he oversees finish carpenters, makes design decisions, and prepares mock-ups for clients. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time at his home in Eden, gardening and raising animals. Noi has five grown children and is proud to have his son, Dustin, following in his footsteps as a carpenter for Sisler Builders.


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Custom Woodworking Division Manager

802-760-9975  Seth@SislerBuilders.com

Seth Allen is fascinated by woodworking and savvy with computers. He is extremely thorough and thoughtful in his craft and enjoys interesting and challenging projects. Seth understands different woods' characteristics and can engineer projects to withstand the fluctuations of temperature and humidity. He is adept at sourcing unique materials for that special furniture piece or a cost-effective solution. Check out this co-profile of Seth in our blog.

A native of southern Vermont, Seth has been a craftsman since he was a teenager. He worked for several years in New York City running a production cabinet shop where he crafted high-end architectural mill work. Seth lives in Stowe with his wife and daughters.

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Master Woodworker

802-279-0142  Glen@SislerBuilders.com

Glen Waller became interested in woodworking when he was a child. His father was an aerospace engineer with a woodworking shop at home. This in itself was enough to inspire Glen to take woodworking classes throughout his school years. He also enjoys metal fabrication and has created unique and complex mechanisms for some of our custom woodworking projects. Glen moved to Vermont from California, and prior to joining Sisler Builders owned a custom door-making business in Moscow, Vermont. He is our creative wood and metal genius.

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Energy Division Manager, BPI Certified

802-793-7212  Mike@SislerBuilders.com

Mike is a certified building analyst, envelope professional, and heating specialist through the Building Performance Institute (BPI).

Easy-going Mike has the rare combination of being a master technologist and a gifted people person. After studying chemistry at the University of Connecticut, Mike explored a few different career paths. He settled on construction because he enjoys working outdoors, having variety in his job, and seeing immediate results.

Mike now applies his nearly 30 years of construction experience to the art of collecting and analyzing energy audit data. He excels at coming up with often creative solutions for most cost-effective optimization for a building’s performance. Also trained as a team builder, Mike keeps the moral of his talented energy team high, so they can be most effective in their work.

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