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At Sisler Builders we are dedicated to helping our clients live healthier, more comfortable lives, while saving energy through superior building performance. Whether you are embarking on a major building or renovation project, or simply trying to make an existing building more energy efficient, we are well-versed in resource efficient building practices and can help you make decisions that are right for you and for your budget.

"Our propane usage has dropped significantly, and we immediately noticed an increase in the comfort level of our home."

—Stan & Judith Needleman
Waitsfiled, VT

We have been building homes in the Stowe area for over three decades. While we would like to think that we are well versed in many disciplines, we recognize that building design and technology are constantly changing. Not all change is necessarily good. We routinely critically evaluate new technologies and decide which ones warrant implementation. We then take appropriate steps to educate our employees so that we can offer our clients the best possible building solutions. With this in mind, we have developed a Sustainable Building Checklist of proven current best practices that address the key aspects of new construction. These include:

We work closely with the project architect and the owner to review this checklist in detail. Where applicable we also make clients aware of any financial incentives that may be available to help defray implementation costs. We discuss alternative building methods and materials, and their relative cost and desirability, in order to come up with integrated solutions that meet clients’ needs and objectives.