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Once the energy audit has been completed, we present our findings, along with recommendations for improvement. We quantify upfront costs, payback over time, and quality-of-life impact. We prioritize our recommendations starting with the "low-hanging fruit"—low-cost, high-payback items. These most cost-effective recommendations can typically reduce energy costs by as much as 20 to 30 percent. More extensive "Deep Energy Retrofits" can yield far greater savings and improvements.

"The crew was in and out of the house regularly for a couple of weeks, but barely noticable. They were  professional, efficient, polite, respectful, and most of all, quiet which was important for my elderly parents. I highly recommend Sisler Builders' Energy Team."

—Mary Curtis Skelton
Stowe, VT

Air sealing the building shell is often simple, and inexpensive retrofits can yield significant savings. Typical remediation steps often include:


For clients looking for more profound energy savings or those already considering a whole home renovation, a Deep Energy Retrofit may make sense. Deep Energy Retrofits can achieve energy savings of 50 to 70 percent, by taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to energy generation and conservation. In addition to the remedial steps listed above, Deep Energy Retrofits often include:

Sisler Builders is well-versed in the technology and building methods used to achieve such dramatic energy reductions. The use theirexpertise to educate clients and help them arrive at solutions that carefully balance financial, environmental, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. 

Efficiency Vermont provides detailed energy audit and retrofit information.

Building Performance Institute also provides more detailed energy audit and retrofit information.